Nose and Sports Performance

by Maria Colomé

Maximize your sports performance

Check your nose
improve your nasal health
and enjoy a better quality of life

A person, under normal conditions, inhales about 10,000l of air every day.
An athlete who trains 3 times a day can reach up to 40,000 liters.

Imagine how you would improve your results with good breathing!

Take 2 minutes and see what your breathing is like

Are you aware of whether you breathe correctly?

Many times, we do not appreciate how important it is to breathe well, nor are we aware that our breathing is not correct

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Enjoy good nasal health, and good breathing:

  • You will improve the frequency and use of training

    Because injuries decrease and recovery is smoother

  • It will improve your concentration in the competition

    Because oxygenation makes your brain work optimally

  • You will have a better state of health and prevent serious pathologies

    Because it facilitates the proper functioning of all organs, especially the heart

  • You will wake up recovered the day after training or competition

    Because good breathing helps to regain tone and energy

  • You will have better emotional well-being and social relationships

    Because when we breathe well, we feel more vital and happy

  • It will increase your sports performance

    Because by being oxygenated, the muscles enhance their functions

Improving your performance, your marks and your quality of life starts with something as simple as a nasal check

I am Dr. Maria Colomé

Specialist in rhinology, founder of Clínica Rinològica and head of the Nasal Respiratory Obstruction Unit of the Teknon Medical Center.

She has been advising elite athletes and amateurs for more than 25 years to improve their nasal health and quality of life.

The complete nasal revision is an essential tool for every athlete, to:

  • Detect possible abnormalities in nasal breathing,
  • Improve your athletic performance and quality of life,
  • Prevent diseases derived from poor oxygenation.

A good diagnosis helps prevent nasal breathing problems and improve professional performance

As an elite or amateur athlete, taking care of your nasal health can only bring you advantages.

Following a strong rhythm of training, improving individual and team results, preparing for competition with the necessary focus and avoiding unnecessary injuries are some of the advantages of having a regular nasal examination.

As a coach or physical trainer, ensuring the good physical, mental and emotional health of athletes is key.

Having first-hand information on the nasal health of athletes will allow you to better accompany them in their evolution and obtain better results, in addition to preventing possible discomfort, of lesser or greater severity.

As medical and health personnel, accompanying athletes, it is essential to have a global vision of the person.

Oxygenation is a vital element for the health and well-being of people, and of great relevance for the practice of sport. Having expert advice in this area will facilitate your task and empower the sports professional.

Through the ``Sport and nasal health`` program, and training and advice for professionals I offer you the opportunity to take care of nasal health of athletes.

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